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We are Hosting these mirror in our Tallinn, Estonia location. The Mirror server is connected to 2x1Gbps LACP/LAG and running behind AS208367 Network.
The AS208367 Network in Tallinn,Estonia is connected to PITER-IX Tallinn, Elisa and CITIC. Will be Connected to Telia and RTIX soon.

This page and mirror are available over IPv4 and IPv6
HTTP: http://mirror.cspacehostings.com
HTTPS: http://mirror.cspacehostings.com
Rsync: rsync://mirror.cspacehostings.com

DistributionRepoUpdate Frequency
ArchLinux LogoArch Linux main Every 2 Hours
CentOS LogoCentOS main Every 1 Hours
EPEL LogoFedora EPEL epelEvery 2 Hours
Kali Linux LogoKali Linux main Every 2 Hours
kali-images Every 6 Hours
Linux Mint LogoLinux Mint packages Every 4 Hours
isos Every 6 Hours
TDF LogoThe Document Foundation TDFEvery 2 Hours
OpenVZ LogoOpenVZ repoEvery 2 Hours
ParrotSec LogoParrotSec packages Every 4 Hours
isos Every 6 Hours
Ubuntu LogoUbuntu releases/isos Every 6 Hours
VideoLan LogoVideolan main Every 1 Hours

We are open to suggestions on what to mirror, as well as making almost anything available that might be of benefit to all.

For suggestions, questions and any critics or comments please: sales@cspacehostings.com.

Information: Looking Glass

CSpace Hostings acknowledges all Script authors and contributors on its Credits page.

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